Virtual assistants can serve you hours of work a day — but you need to know how to use them productively, using the below points created by our team of experts you can make the most use of your VA.

  1. Provide Clear Instructions– providing clear and brief instructions for tasks is a large reason why new virtual assistants do not work well with entrepreneurs. You need to provide clear instructions to your VA by writing a brief about your task and if possible try and fix an appointment with your VA to paraphrase things.
  2. Be Patient – It takes time to get into a groove with VAs. Give one task out at a time and communicate with your Virtual personal assistant to know the task status. A good VA company like Tasks Assistant will always keep you posted about the status of the task. Also, make sure you use clear instructions and are polite and gracious!
  3. Use the Right Tools – Using the right tools can really help speed up the process of communicating with and training a new VA. Examples include tools like Dropbox or G-drive for easy access to files and information. Skype Screen Share or other screen sharing tools helps you to online training of your VAs, and Trello or Asana for managing and staying up to date with tasks and tracking progress together.
  4. Be Kind – Virtual assistants are people, too! They’ll always be more likely to do great work for you if you treat them with respect and kindness.
  5. Communicate – Schedule regular one-on-one meetings. Create screen-casts. Keep asking if they are having problems or not. The key is to communicate with your virtual assistants. More often than not, it’s not that the VA isn’t capable; it’s that the process is broken. Invest the time into communicating at a high level, and you’ll reap the rewards.
  6. Be Realistic– Test your virtual assistant with a variety of tasks, some simple and some complex, and get an idea of what he or she is capable of. There are practical limits to what a virtual assistant is going to be able to accomplish without ever meeting you or seeing your business.
  7. Invest Your Time– Invest a little time in the virtual assistant. The more you give, the more you will get back.
  8. Let Them Ask Questions– Virtual assistants often want to impress in the beginning by “just getting on with it” and not asking important questions about a project’s requirements. But in Tasks Assistant we prefer honest and open communication, as a VA should feel free to ask for clarification or guidance at any time without feeling stupid. This saves time for everyone in the long run, and tasks rarely need to be redone.