Our company is known for its reputation and professionalism, hence clients will not have to face any concerns pertaining to the payments and refunds, but in case, in any such instances we have a set of rules to be followed,

We provide a 15 day money back policy that is if the clients are not content with our services completely, a full refund is granted, less any processing fee in the first 15 days of commencement of work.

Accounts are kept open/active for 6 months from the date of signup, once this time lapses, it is considered final. Any kind of refund policy is not valid after this period.

Sometimes our assistants will have no work in working hours, refunds on this is not applicable once it is signed up.

In any case of task deficit, we put a decent effort rework on or fix it. But refunds on account of deficiency in service will be provided only in terms of additional working hours of service. These requests have to be sent through email within 3 business days of receipt of the accomplished tasks.

Refunds due to errors in billing will be made to your credit / debit card. To avert fraud transactions, refunds are only issued back through the same payment process as the payment was made and no swapping/replacements are allowed, that is if you pay by your Visa card then the refund can only be issued back to the same Visa card number not a different credit card/cash etc