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When many people think about virtual assistants, they assume that they can only work for certain types of business. In reality, a company in any industry may benefit from hiring a virtual assistant – including healthcare. If you could hire an in-person assistant to work for you, then you may benefit from a virtual assistant.

A healthcare virtual assistant can perform many of the same tasks that an assistant would do, from administrative jobs to medical transcription to handling insurance claims to bookkeeping. Because they work virtually, they often have far greater flexibility. A virtual assistant costs a fraction of the expense of hiring a full or part-time employee – to achieve the same goals.

At Tasks Assistant, we understand that running a medical or healthcare practice can be challenging. Our virtual assistants can help you with a range of tasks related to your business using the latest software and cloud technologies. Our virtual assistant services are incredibly budget-friendly, starting at just $4.99 per hour.

What Does a Virtual Healthcare Assistant Do?

A healthcare virtual assistant can provide support to any number of medical and mental health professionals. This may include physicians in general practice, specialists, surgeons, dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and even veterinarians.

The goal of a virtual assistant is to handle any assigned tasks related to the business. This may be limited to purely administrative jobs, like setting appointments or managing calendars, to more specialized tasks, like data entry for electronic medical records (EMR). If it is a job that can be done using a computer, phone, and internet connection, then your virtual assistant can likely handle it.

There are many good reasons to consider hiring a virtual assistant as opposed to bringing on an employee. The median salary for a medical assistant is $37,910 per year. On top of wages, you’ll also be responsible for things like benefits, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, and FICA taxes. This can make hiring an employee a very expensive proposition that many businesses simply cannot afford.

A virtual healthcare assistant can provide the same services as an employee for a fraction of the cost. With a virtual assistant, you will only have to pay their hourly fee (starting at $4.99 per hour) – and you will only pay if you are satisfied with their work. You also won’t have to pay for taxes, benefits, and other expenses, making a virtual healthcare assistant a smart financial option for many businesses.

Healthcare Virtual Assistant Services We Offer

Task Assistants’ roster of experienced healthcare virtual assistants have expertise in handling jobs related to medical and mental health practices. They use the latest software and technology to provide support for healthcare organizations. Our services include:

  • New patient intake
  • Scheduling appointments, managing cancellations, and sending appointment reminders
  • Following up with patients after appointments
  • Managing calendars
  • Answering phone calls (virtual receptionist)
  • Managing emails, including responding to messages when appropriate
  • Medical billing and coding
  • Prescription refills
  • Organizing database files
  • Tracking inventory and ordering new supplies as necessary
  • Transferring forms and files into a digital format
  • Medical transcribing and data entry
  • Communicating with the insurance company
  • Handling preauthorizations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Marketing, including social media and website updates
  • Providing tech support for virtual appointments

Our healthcare virtual assistants have a background in healthcare, which enables them to provide the highest level of service. They also can be trained for the specific systems that you use. We only hire virtual assistants who demonstrate attention to detail, so that you can rest assured that they won’t make errors in your patients’ charts, when doing medical coding, or when inputting insurance information.

There are many benefits to using a virtual healthcare assistant. When you pass these tasks off to an assistant, it will allow you to spend more time with patients and provide better service. It will also give you more free time because the paperwork and other bureaucratic tasks will be handled for you.

How Can I Be Assured of Confidentiality?

At Tasks Assistant, we recognize that it is incredibly important to maintain the security of your data and the confidentiality of your patient’s records. In the United States, we also know that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) applies to healthcare providers. We take compliance with these and other laws very seriously.

To start, we use a thorough vetting process to make sure that our virtual assistants are not only capable, but trustworthy. We conduct background checks, talk to references, and interview each candidate. We also perform internal compliance checks.

Our healthcare virtual assistants may also go through additional training to comply with the law and assure clients of their ability to maintain confidentiality. If you have questions about confidentiality and data security, please reach out to us. 

How the Process Works

After you contact Tasks Assistant about a virtual healthcare assistant, we will immediately perform an analysis of your business’ needs. We do this to understand what exactly it is you want, and to choose a virtual assistant that is right for you. Once we have selected a healthcare virtual assistant, you will have the opportunity to talk to them about the work that you need them to do.

All of our assistants are based in Mumbai, India. However, they can work across time zones so that they are available when you need them.

Our assistants use whatever technology you prefer to communicate, such as email Zoom, Slack, or Skype. They will also work with your preferred software for everything from email to medical billing to website and email management. Because everything is stored digitally, you will have round-the-clock access to your accounts, email, records, and other data.

Each of our assistants has an hourly fee, starting at just $4.99 per hour. You will only pay the fee if you are happy with their work. We do not require you to sign a contract or pay a start-up fee.

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A virtual assistant can help you keep your business running smoothly. For healthcare businesses, a virtual assistant is a more cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time medical assistant. You can get all of the benefits of having a support person – without the expense.

Tasks Assistant is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses get the help that they need for a fraction of the price. We offer high quality virtual assistant services across a range of industries, including healthcare. With our healthcare virtual assistants, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you are getting expert assistance using the latest technology.

To learn more, give us a call at 1-888-557-8678. You can also send us an email or Skype us at Support-TA at any time.

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